Our Story

The Story: It all started with passion, fueled by the desire to create and enjoy a
better cup of coffee. In the Spring of 2005, after months of exhaustive research,
we found ourselves in Aspen, Colorado roasting & creating our first coffee
blends at 6,610 feet above sea level. We’ve since moved to a new roasting
location more than 7,000 feet above sea level…even better!

The Secret: High Altitude Roasting allows for quicker roast development at a lower temperature by our
Master Roaster thus avoiding the two most common problems of roasting coffee: baking, and scorching. We are convinced our high-altitude roasting methodology yields the finest coffee product available today.  Try our coffees – we think you’ll agree!

The Result:

Smooth, flavorful coffees which are chock full of subtle nuances while lacking the bitter aftertaste of many other coffees. No matter what your taste preference, we have a coffee to please your palate!

The Method:

Unlike many of our larger, ‘commercialized’ competitors, our coffees are hand-roasted weekly in small batches to bring you the finest & freshest beans roasted to perfection every time!

The Product:

You see, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best cup of coffee ~ period. We are a boutique roaster and our coffees are not available in every corner store. In fact, you will only find our coffees available where our Fundraising Partners and Wholesale Customersshare our beliefs concerning product quality, integrity, and value.  Our coffees represent a tremendous amount of research coupled with an enormous dose of care, to provide you with a unique, proprietary blend of coffee beans and roasts designed to maximize your coffee experience. We certainly hope you enjoy!