Holiday Gift Giving!

Much better than a paperweight…

With the Holidays just around the corner (no, we can’t believe it either), we all find ourselves searching for that perfect gift for that special someone we can’t see this year.  Well, here at iBEAN we have the perfect solution – a Gift Box filled with freshly roasted iBEAN COFFEE, Tea, Gourmet Hand-Roasted Nuts from our friends at Olomomo Nut Company (another Colorado Company) and delicious Biscotti Bites.  Not quite what you were thinking?  No problem, drop us an email to info(at) and tell us what you have in mind – we can do Custom Gift Boxes too! Friends?  Got you covered.  Family?  Yep, we can take care of this too.  Corporate Giving for Clients.  Well, you can send something they’ll actually enjoy (say, our Gift Boxes for example)  or you can always give them an injection molded paperweight with your company name on it because everyone needs one of those…or not.

How to brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee – Part 1

Before we brew the perfect cup of coffee, we must first learn a little more about the wondrous black drink we use for many purposes from social conversation to prying open the eyelids at o’dark thirty every morning.

For all intents and purposes, we’ll group ‘Coffee’ into Two Categories:  Specialty and Commercial.  Think of it like this – Commercial Coffee is available at the local grocery store as ‘instant’, in tins, pre-ground, ‘freeze dried’, in pre-shrunk bricks…you get it.  Specialty Coffee is typically delivered whole bean but can be ground and usually has the wording ‘100% Arabica’ on the packaging.  We’ll be concentrating our lessons on the latter – 100% Arabica Bean Coffees.

Just because a coffee is ‘whole bean’, doesn’t mean it is a Specialty Coffee.  Commercial Producers are attempting to invade the Specialty Coffee market with exotic names and packaging.  Buyer (and tastebuds) beware!

Coffee beans are grouped accordingly – High-grown milds, (misleading named) Brazils and Robustas.  High-grown milds and Brazils belong to the species Coffea arabica.  Arabica is the species (and the bean) that sold the world’s tastebuds on coffee.  Robustas may belong to the species Coffea canephora var. robusta (or others).

Arabica…Robusta – “What’s the difference?”

The Arabica tree will not tolerate frost nor will it flourish in extremely high temperatures.  It is typically found at altitudes between 2,000 and 6,000 feet above sea level.  Arabica beans are typically harvested from fruit which is picked only when ripe, sorted and prepared using great care.

Robusta, conversely, is a much more ‘hearty’ tree, more resistant to disease, climatic conditions and grows at a lower altitude.  Many robusta beans are picked ‘en masse’, dried and shipped in bulk.  Robusta beans are found in the cheapest American coffees, especially those coffees which are ‘instant’ and ‘freeze dried’.

Arabica beans are less common, have outstanding flavors (when prepared properly) and make up Specialty Coffees.

Robusta beans are more common. lack discernible flavor profiles other than a vague ‘sweet’ aftertaste but do contain upwards of 40% more caffeine than Arabica beans.

The best coffees are 100% Arabica Bean and prices will reflect this fact.  All iBEAN COFFEES are 100% Arabica Bean Coffees.  We guarantee it and our coffees reflect it in their outstanding, complex flavor profiles.

Now that you know a little more about the different coffees available, stay tuned for the next round of education coming soon!

iBEAN COFFEE in the Colorado Springs Gazette 6.5.2010

“The workers are clients at Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group. As part of their effort to build an ethical business, the Smiths decided to forego a machine …”

Coffee beans smell like money to struggling nonprofits

iBEAN COFFEE in the DENVER POST 5.22.2010

iBEAN COFFEE is in the news!

“Troy and Jen Smith, owners of iBEAN COFFEE, not only help people searching for a caffeine fix.  The Company works with disenfranchised and disabled people – and helps schools, youth sports teams and other organizations with fundraising.”

Click on the link below to read the entire article.

Summer Fun and Summer Fundraising


You don’t have to choose!

iBEAN COFFEE is proud to offer its Summer 100% on-line iCARE FUNDRAISING PROGRAM for SCHOOLS interested in raising funds without doing a thing!

Enjoy your summer while iBEAN goes to work for you.

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