Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should our organization choose COFFEE as their fundraising product?
A: Did you know that approximately 50% of Americans begin their day with a cup of coffee? Did you know that Americans consume 400 MILLION cups of coffee EVERY SINGLE DAY? It just makes sense to sell a product people use on a daily basis!

Q: What’s different and special about iBEAN COFFEE?
A: iBEAN coffee is hand-roasted to order in small batches in Colorado where the climate and altitude are perfect for roasting coffee – our coffees are roasted over 7,000 feet above sea level. We offer five delicious coffees available whole bean or ground. The coffee bags have customized labels on the front (Direct Sale) promoting your organization. Most importantly, $3.00 of the purchase price of every 12 ounce bag of coffee directly supports your cause.

Q: Is iBEAN COFFEE fresh?
A: YES – VERY! Once your ‘Direct Sale’ selling period is complete, iBEAN immediately roasts, custom packages and ships the coffee to your organization for distribution to your supporters. This entire process from roast to delivery takes just a few short weeks. In comparison, much of the coffee you find sitting on the shelves/bins of grocery stores and “‘chain” coffee shops was previously sitting in warehouses and distribution centers for months. If your Organization is selected for Support through the online iBEAN iCARE Program, the coffee is packaged and shipped direct to your Supporter within 48 hours of roasting. It doesn’t get any fresher than iBEAN!

Q: How does iBEAN’s price and quality compare to other coffees?
A: iBEAN fundraising coffee products are priced very similarly to other 12 ounce bags of 100% Arabica coffee. Arabica beans are more intensely flavored, more expensive and rarer than Robusta coffee beans (which are commonly found in grocery store coffees and used as ‘filler beans’). iBEAN coffee is roasted in small batches to insure quality and taste perfection!  In short, this is gourmet coffee at an everyday price!

Q: How will iBEAN coffee be packaged and delivered?
A: Your Supporters will receive perfectly and freshly roasted iBEAN coffee in attractive air-tight, heat-sealed bags. This quality packaging protects the coffee from its natural enemies (light, heat and air) and allows it to stay fresh longer. Your Supporters may confidently purchase multiple bags.

custom coffee labels for fundraising for cancer - sample2

Q: Who actually puts the specialized labels on iBEAN bags during the ‘Direct Sale’ Packaging phase of assembly?
A: We are so glad you asked! It is important to iBEAN that PEOPLE (not machines) bag and label your coffee. iBEAN is very proud of our packaging partnership with Aspen Pointe – a non-profit, social enterprise that employs and empowers the disenfranchised, including mentally and physically disabled community members, and
our wounded soldiers when they return home. When you fundraise with iBEAN coffee, you are empowering people and enhancing lives. Thank you!

Q: Why would non-coffee drinkers buy this product?
A: A bag of gourmet coffee beans MAKES A GREAT GIFT! What a great idea for birthdays, hostess gifts, or any special occasion! A bag of coffee is always a welcomed gift and fresh-roasted, high-quality gourmet coffee that supports your organization is an even better one! Fundraising is simple with coffee, because unlike fundraising with chocolate bars or lollipops, people consume LOTS of coffee, and even non-coffee drinkers know that!

Q: How do supporters store their iBEAN COFFEE for maximum freshness?
A: The three ‘enemies’ of roasted coffee are light, heat, and air. iBEAN COFFEE recommends that you store your coffee in a cool, dry place such as a pantry or cabinet away from your oven. You may place coffee for longer-term storage in your freezer, but iBEAN recommends that once you remove it for consumption, you keep it stored in a pantry or cabinet.

Q: Does it matter where our organization is located in the United States?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! Our beans are roasted to order so they arrive fresh to your organization in a matter of weeks (Direct Sale) or days (Online Purchase), no matter where you call ‘home’. iBEAN COFFEE stands behind the quality and freshness of our products and the timeliness of our delivery. iBEAN COFFEE is the “i” in your “TEAM”!

Download a brochure on how your organization can fundraise with coffee.