Why We’re Different

Download a brochure on how your organization can fundraise with coffee.iBEAN COFFEE, INC IS NO ORDINARY FUNDRAISING COMPANY. HERE ARE 6 WAYS IN WHICH WE ARE VERY, VERY DIFFERENT:

Over 50% of American adults drink coffee every single day, consuming 400 MILLION cups in any given 24 hour period. iBEAN COFFEE provides a means for your organization to tap this enormous market by offering the highest quality coffee products at everyday prices. IT MAKES SENSE TO FUNDRAISE WITH A FAMILIAR AND AFFORDABLE PRODUCT THAT PEOPLE ENJOY DAILY!

iBEAN COFFEE beans are roasted in Colorado where the climate and high altitude provide ideal roasting conditions. iBEAN uses 100% Arabica beans which are more intensely flavored, expensive and rarer than the common Robusta “filler” beans. To insure taste perfection, our Master Roaster prepares individual orders in small batches and immediately ships to our packaging facility. YOUR SUPPORTERS WILL ENJOY FRESH, GOURMET COFFEE WITHIN WEEKS OF PLACING THEIR ORDER!

All iBEAN COFFEE fundraising products will display customized front labels promoting your cause. Your organization simply submits its design at the beginning of your fundraising period. If you need help creating a design, iBEAN will work one-on-one with you to create the perfect label. YOUR SUPPORTERS WILL BE REMINDED OF YOUR CAUSE EVERY DAY!

According to the Social Enterprise Alliance (SEA), a social enterprise is “an organization or venture that advances its primary social mission using business methods.” The owners of iBEAN COFFEE have carefully combined market-based strategies and a sound business model with their desire to bring hope and opportunity to disenfranchised community members. To achieve this, iBEAN has proudly chosen as their packaging partner a nationally recognized Social Enterprise that provides competitive employment opportunities for disabled and wounded warrior military populations. WHEN YOU FUNDRAISE WITH iBEAN, YOU EMPOWER PEOPLE AND ENHANCE LIVES!

Your iBEAN COFFEE fundraiser does not have to be limited to an annual or bi-annual event. We offer a web-based Residual Fundraising Sales option to supplement your traditional iBEAN group fundraisers. How does it work? When your Supporters go on-line and re-order iBEAN COFFEE products, your organization automatically receives credit for these sales and you receive a check quarterly. iBEAN COFFEE CAN FUNDRAISE YEAR-ROUND ON YOUR BEHALF!

Each fundraising organization is assigned one iBEAN Representative who serves as a single point of contact to make your fundraising experience smooth and successful. iBEAN COFFEE is more than your coffee supplier — we are your business partner. Your success is our success. AT iBEAN COFFEE, CUSTOMER SERVICE MATTERS — PERIOD.

Download a brochure on how your organization can fundraise with coffee.