Small Batch, High-Altitude Roasting

What is the benefit of roasting in Small Batches at High-Altitude?

iBEAN COFFEE is hand-roasted in small batches by a master craftsman.  We watch, we listen and we communicate with the beans using time-honed techniques!  No ‘button pusher’ roasting here!!!

High Altitude Roasting allows quicker roast development at a lower temperature.  Thus, we avoid the two most common challenges of roasting coffee at lower altitudes: baking and scorching the beans.  As a result, baking and scorching  generate two bitter aftertastes, char and burn.

High Altitude Roasting yields a significantly better, smoother tasting roasted coffee bean.   iBEAN COFFEE is roasted at nearly 7,000 feet above sea level!

Simply stated, Small-Batch High-Altitude Roasting produces a superior product!