4 Bag Pack [ 4, 12 oz Bags ]


4 Bag Pack is perfect for ‘pot a day’ coffee brewer.  This package should last you approximately 3 to 4 weeks depending on how much coffee you use to make each pot.

*Did you know…when your coffee maker says ’12 cups’ it refers to #12, 6 oz cups, not 8 oz (typical American coffee mug)?!  This is why you never get 12 cups out of your 12 cup coffee brewer!


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You choose the coffee, we package #4 Individual, 12 oz one-way valve bags to maintain peak flavor and keep your coffee fresh.

Roasted to order (as usual) and shipped direct to your door using the USPS ‘If it fits it ships’ medium box.

Simple, effective, goodness & happiness in a box!


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